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My name is Melissa Lee and my personal experience with PCOS will probably resonate with you if you have irregular crazy period cycles too.

I had prolonged periods in 2012 that lasted a month.

A whole month!

I thought I was hallucinating and losing so much blood that I ate so much red meat in order to try and maintain my iron levels.

Now if you have PCOS or irregular cycles, you might be having no periods. That is considered irregular too!

The next four years was birth control life. My ex-gynaecologist put me on the pill to help regulate my hormones. Now I’m not saying that it was a poor decision - she was only doing what she was taught in medical school. At that point, it was truly a life saver for me because I could finally be on vacation without being worried that I would have blood streaming down my legs.

After almost two years of having regular periods every month, I asked my gynaecologist when I could stop taking the pills and the answer was:

“You have to take this for life.”

Wait a minute, what? I ain’t going to do that!

I refused to believe in that ‘prescription’ and took myself off the birth control pill. Little did I know the vengeance to which my uterus and hormones held on to!

See, the pill masks symptoms and provides synthetic, not true hormones to my body. So while I did get regular bleeding every month, they were not my true periods! My true periods returned in an excruciating painful fashion, my acne bounced back, my hormonal imbalances returned. Everything was just as before.

Around this time I was in the midst of my pursuing my education as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I made the wise decision of adding maca powder daily into my meals, lowering my sugar intake, increasing vegetables into my diet and my periods were regular again! My skin got clearer, I did not have painful cramps every month, had more energy and awareness of my mood swings. Sure, I still do get emotional every month but I am no longer a crazy monster.



If you’re struggling in that very same boat that I just described to you, I understand and have empathy for what you are going through.

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