Hi! My name is Melissa Dorai and my story began when I was feeling incredibly burnt out in the Singapore healthcare industry. I lacked lustre, passion and energy as I dreaded waking up in the morning to bring myself to work.
My turning point happened in 2016 when I left my job, home, family and close friends to backpack in New Zealand for 6 months. That phase of transformation transpired when I felt the following:

  • Free from judgements and opinions from others

  • Had time to closely look at the outcome of my schooling years and where my path is leading me to

  • Wanted to empower others on a deep and personal level

  • Most of all, I wanted to connect with people One to One.

Close to the end of my sabbatical journey, I decided to get certified as an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition* Health Coach. This would complement the two areas of my life during that time in which I was cultivating a profound love for i.e. Physical Activity and Holistic Health.


I currently specialise in helping women aged 30 to 40 who are pre- diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis get off their medications.

Creating and sticking to sustainable healthy habits can help you get off the cycle of unnecessary prescriptions and create a lifestyle that is based off of intuitive eating, mindfulness and radical self love.

We start off with diet as one of the main fundamentals of creating optimal health. From there, fitness comes into being, followed by every other cornerstone pillar of health including sleep, spirituality, stress management and body awareness. Ready to get started?