Hi! My name is Melissa Dorai and my story began when I had prolonged periods that lasted a month. This was in 2012 and for the next four years I was put on a birth control pill by my then gynaecologist in order to help control my periods.

I was told that I had higher levels of testosterone than the average woman, had numerous cysts on my ovaries through an ultrasound and low levels of oestrogen which contributed to my extended period cycles.

I also suffered from acne - this was already happening through my teens due to high sugar intake and just poor diet.

After almost two years of having regular periods every month, I asked my gynae when I could stop taking the pills and I got my answer

“You have to take this for life.”

Wait a minute, what?

I ain’t going to do that!

I did not want to be on medications for life and after extensive research, I found out that the pill simply masked my symptoms by providing synthetic hormones.

In other words, my body still did not re calibrate to the normal physiological hormone levels and going of the pill resulted in many instances of excruciating painful cramps whenever I got my period.

Around this time I was in the midst of my pursuing my education as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I got pretty upset with the side effects of the pill and decided to use natural herbs and cleaned up my diet in order to help solve my struggles, if it was possible.

Low and behold, having maca incorporated daily into my meals, lowering my sugar intake and increasing vegetables into my diet helped tremendously!

My skin got clearer, I did not have painful cramps every month, I got more energy and had more awareness of my mood swings. Sure, I still do get very emotional every month but I am no longer a crazy monster.


With my firsthand experience with PCOS over the years and understanding the struggle with acne, I work with women in similar situations to help them improve their condition.

Not all hope is lost without being on the pill.

Lifestyle modifications are powerful and having a coach that guides you to sticking to those changes can be really helpful! If you are looking to improve your skin once and for all and start waking up beautiful naturally, let’s start with nourishing your body properly.