Graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was one of the more profound changes that happened in my life.

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I learnt a wide variety of theories about diets, the controversies in the nutrition world and most of all, garnered the inspiration and drive use my skills and knowledge to empower and serve others.

What inspired me

The fact that being active was not the only part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a balanced diet proved to have more benefits than just having a ‘six pack’, I noticed that people were having problems dealing with chronic stress, hormonal imbalances and insomnia.

Being a health coach gives me the opportunity to widen the picture for my clients.

Diseases are preventable and most of them stem from the root causes of inflammation and stress. We are fully capable of taking back control of our health and invoking that self-responsibility to care and nurture our bodies.

I want to be able empower my clients to realise that the natural ways of healing using plants, whole foods, a regular sleeping habit and increasing body awareness are keys we have in our toolbox already to combat illnesses. We do not all have to grow old and associate conditions like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis as the ‘norm’.



If you are someone who is passionate about wellness and wants to do your bit in the wellness world, why not become a health coach? Here, you will find information that constitutes what it takes to be an IIN Health Coach and how you can get started right away!

Download the curriculum guide to see what the extent to which IIN covers in terms of nutrition, fitness, sleep, hormone balance, gut health, relationships, coaching skills, business building, marketing etc.

This guide provides a closer look at what IIN’s Health Coach Training Program is like, what it’s like to be a student, and learn more about the new IIN Learning center

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Being an IIN Ambassador really gives me the drive to encourage others like me who have a message and passion to share about health. I believe all of us have a personal experience when it comes to dealing with health struggles and lifestyle issues. We have the responsibility to pass on our guidance and message to others who can be inspired and helped to improve their overall well being too!


Keen on the school’s syllabus but not totally convinced yet? You get to try out a sample class for free too!

I was an online student and listened to all my modules and lectures via digital classes online. I took my tests online too as IIN provided study guides that gives details on what topics to study specifically for. It was really easy to follow the outline of the classes and learning with tons of other schoolmates at the same time meant that I had the support that I needed to ask questions and discuss topics.


Sold? Here’s my link to apply to IIN and get your exciting journey started!

Many health coaches I know have this career not only as a full time job but also part time. They are coaches that are also mums or just have a general love for spreading wellness and wanting to share important health information with their communities.

If you do end up graduating and changing your career completely, I am happy for you! Welcome to the world of health coaching and in my opinion, the future of healthcare within the next ten years.