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What is YOUR Story?

Rewriting Our Stories

Everyone loves a good story. Coincidentally, each and every one of us has a story to tell.

We were all born and programmed with experiences and memories that have been with us through birth and childhood.

Sometimes, without even realizing, the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves since young are still stuck with us when we enter adulthood and they become self-limiting.

For example, common negative belief systems include the scarcity mindset of feeling

“I am not good enough”

“I am not beautiful enough”

“I do not have enough experience”

“What will people think of this?”

“What will my ______ think of me if I…”

Have you ever want to embark on something but find that certain fears keep holding you back? The thought of failing for example, or going for a job that is unconventional, entering a zone that is not considered rule-abiding.



Keeping it simpler, you might think you do not have control over your finances because you are not good with numbers or you are a natural messy person. Perhaps you think you lack time management skills but it could also be a re-ordering of priorities. What is truly real about your own abilities and skills, and what are mere projections from others and our past experiences?

Drawing resources from Cynthia James and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have come up with a simple exercise for you to dig deep into your spirit and look closely at your own negative beliefs. Their teachings have enabled me to grow my business that is NourishMel and face the fear and do it anyway.

How then do you reclaim yourself and rewrite your story?

Start off by…



1.     Write down at least 5 negative opinions about yourself.

2.     How long have you been harboring these opinions/story?

3.     What contributed to your mind forming this story?


Find Evidence and in turn, Your Voice

4.     What evidence constitutes to your negative beliefs?

5.     Look closely at these negative opinions and find what is truly real, and what is not.

6.     Do you feel constricted in your throat area physically?



7.     Do you want to continue believing in this about yourself?

8.     Are you willing to let go and challenge these limitations?



9.     What actions are you willing to take to challenge and improve in this belief?

10.  How will you change your story from here?

11.  What is your mantra?


My Story: Rewritten

12.  Write a new paragraph about yourself, with the true beliefs and concepts that you have built.


This is your new life, your story rewritten at this particular stage in life; Own it.

If the steps above seem way too intense and deep for you, I can personally guide you through it during a strategy session.  There is plenty of space for sharing and non-judgment during our coaching sessions.