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How to Kickstart Your Day with Light Movement

We usually wakeup feeling extremely lazy thus developing a slow start to the day.

Want to kick start your day with a BANG? Literally jump out of your bed (force yourself if you must) and get moving!


Movement involves light stretching, jumping jacks with your eyes closed, anything that can get you to move your limbs. ‘Exercise’ causes everyone to think of the gym and excessive sweating and something we are not inclined to do in the morning. 

If you are really unable to get dynamic movements in, try mind body activities (yoga, tai chi, meditation, active stretching) and breath work instead. Stick a mat in your room or place some resistance bands/straps near you so you would be more motivated to do it.

Breathing is incredible to ignite your core through rapid exhales and engaging your abdomen. Check it out here.

Increasing your core temperature is actually the first step to warming up your muscles and your body.

 Some then have the feeling of wanting to sweat more once they are fired up, due to the release of endorphins. Once you actually feel more connected to your body and know what is good for you, exercise will become integral in daily life.

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This article originally appeared on The Busy Woman Project, written in collaboration with Dominique, founder of Nurture Your Happiness.