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2018: Getting Ready (Part 1)

Are you ready for the new year?

Perhaps you have been struggling this past first week, trying to get back on track with sleeping, eating well, easing into a fitness routine, going back to the office, wrapping your head around your goals; your mind is incessantly filled up to the brim with all these thoughts, so much so that the creative portion gets diminished.

Today, I present to you a session by which we start manifesting our visions for the year, and even to our near future of 5 years. Do you have 1.5 hours? Grab a notebook and some pens, let's get started!

2018-01-06 10.47.54 1.jpg


First of, lets start with the idea of manifesting. The meaning of manifest is "obvious/clear to the mind", or to "show by one's actions".  I believe it is my mantra for my personal life and relationships this year, it is a hugely powerful concept and it can bring you to whatever you desire!


In line with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have designed and come up with a simple process to create your 'visionboard'! 

  • Start your Desire List. This is anything you wish to have in life, even in the far future. Make sure to use positive terms like ' I want', ' I desire', 'I envision', ' I foresee'. Examples include: I want to own my own home in a year's time.  You can jot down anything you want, be as specific as possible
  • Create a Timeline Check In. This is a timeline by which is marked ' 1 month', ' 6 months', '12 months' , '5 years'. You can play around with the duration or how many checkpoints you wish to have, but a month, half a year and a year is a good one to play around with, in order to work towards the immediate desires. Picture where you wish to be in these times and make sure to cover every area of your life including spirituality, relationships and finances. 
  • Have your Ideals List. Based on your desires and where you wish to be on your timelines, create your ideals that you wish to work on. Pick the important areas and write down as specifically as possible, what these ideals consist of and what should or should not be included. An example would be: career change, i want to work in the design industry, i do not wish to work for someone else, i wish to start my own design company as a start-up. 

    Keep them in mind, and in a physical place where it is easy to look back and refer! I write down my desires in pencil because they will change along the way and it is okay to erase and modify them as I grow.  From the photo, it looks like I have had many manifestation pages and that is okay too! Write until you get very clear about what you want, and be prepared to keep them for over a year to see what the progress you would have made by 2019. 
2018-01-06 01.19.27 1.jpg

Finding Your Truth

When you are honest with yourself and come face to face with the negative opinions that hold you back, you are better able to come up with actions that challenges these beliefs and in turn go for what you truly desire to achieve!

For example, one of my greatest uncertainties the previous year was about graduating as a health coach and starting my own business. I have never felt that I could be an entrepreneur and yet here I am, creating a site, creating content and helping readers like YOU learn more about self-acceptance and happiness. 

From my previous post, this is the exact exercise that I work on whilst finding myself where I am at now. This is one of the most incredible self-acceptance work that has truly changed me in looking at my own growth and development.

These two steps are just the beginning. Once you have manifested your desires and know where you are in your life at this point of time, it is time to set clear intentions and zoom into goal setting! Stay tuned for Part 2.