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How to be Positive in the New Year

We have fallen into the trap of thinking that we have to achieve something before we can feel good. Yes, achievement in itself does make you feel good, but how do you get there in the first place? What is the type of energy that you derive from yourself? That is why we are always wistful for that big bonus, or a successful career all the while complaining and dragging our feet to work. 

The thing is, our thinking is in reverse! You have to feel good BEFORE going on to achieving what you set out to accomplish!

To make the best use of our potential for enormous energy, let us first learn how to generate it. Generation of positive energy involves first being grateful and appreciative of your life. Everything including your body, environment, family, anything that is considered important to you should be in your mind when you wake up in the morning.

Happiness lead to conditions that tend to bring more happiness. The more we flourish, the more we are likely to flourish
— James Pawelski




Generation Exercise:

o   Make a gratitude list every night, of 3 things or people or anything that you are grateful for that particular day. Have a list every day for a week and read it before you go to bed.

If you are a morning person, wake up with a state of appreciation by doing the same thing; this list will determine how you start your day.

Have you noticed that sometimes we spend our time focusing so much on the negative traits of a person or a place or a situation, that we end up disliking him/it for no particular reason other than the notion that we have perceived? For example, there are birds chirping in the morning every day that wake you up for work. If you dislike your job and have inner negativity, you would be complaining about those birds and start to hate them with a vengeance. On the flip side, if you love your job and know how to start your day right by feeling good (i.e. appreciation lists), you would embrace the sounds of those birds and recognize that it is another day to try to succeed!

So tell me, what kind of energy would you like to have and how would you direct it towards your dreams? What is one thing that you would change in your routine now at home to start having good energy at the start of the day?

Once you have found your energy within, even if it is just a spark, direct it! Focus on what you want to achieve, direct that drive towards small steps that eventually leads to your goals.


Focus Exercise:

o   Pay attention to your environment more and look for opportunities

o   Open up your heart and mind. Maybe chances have been right there all along but you have been too fearful or doubtful of yourself to see it.

Have what you want always in your mind or at the back of your mind. The more you consistently think about it, the more you will realize that your actions contort in the same direction and this is the gravitation of the energy you created. Of course, everyone will take steps backwards too, it is not as simple as it seems to have success. Remind yourself always that this is a journey, and as long as you know the tools to produce that energy within you and harness it properly, it is the beginning of anything possible!

This article originally appeared in Nurture Your Happiness, a site by my friend who is an amazing nutritionist.