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Your flu fighting supersonic tonic

Wanting to combat that new year new season flu bug?

I’ve got just the tonic for you! It’s made with a lot of powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients and I watched my very own parents drink it and feel better the very next day, without needing to pay the doctor a trip!

Let’s get right to it.

First of all, this recipe originally was adapted from Remi, in her blog post about superfoods. She wrote an extensive list about various superfoods and their benefits including six recipes thereafter. I got right into the afternoon anti-inflammatory tea because i am drawn to things yellow and if there are cinnamon sticks in the pictures :)

In her recipe, she used lemon, raw honey, turmeric, ginger, hot water and coconut oil.

All really splendid ingredients! Over the past two years I have experimented and tweaked some of it to include others: cinnamon instead of raw honey, lime instead of lemon, black peppercorns & coconut milk to add after in order to make it thick like a latte consistency instead.

Ingredients and their benefits

  1. Raw Honey - It is a crude form that comes directly from the honeycomb cells. Raw Honey contains bee pollen which can help to fight allergies (just what we turn to this tonic for!) They also contain polyphenols which can act as antioxidants.

  2. Turmeric Powder/ Fresh Turmeric Root - Used mainly in Ayurvedic and Indian cooking, it is a spice that can date back more than 4000 years. Turmeric contains curcumin which is a sort of biochemical compound called curcumoid that helps with immune system and acts as an antioxidant. It has been used mainly in Chinese medicine as well to treat abdominal pains and swelling. In addition, turmeric is more bioavailable to us when combined with fat (from the coconut oil here), black peppercorns and when heated.

  3. Coconut Oil - Contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which could potentially boost your cholesterol or HDL levels. There is a whole controversy of using coconut oil but for the sake of this recipe, let’s stick to 2 tsps shall we?

  4. Freshly grated Ginger - probably not something new to try! Ginger has been around for thousand of years in a lot of cultures and they have an extensive micronutrient profile. (Ever had ginger tea after a massage? It is unbelievably good for detox and flushing out leftover toxins!) Ginger is also helpful for nausea if you have this symptom when you’re feeling down.

  5. Lemon/Lime Juice - Rich in Vitamin C and could potentially help protect against cancer growth.

  6. Cinnamon - high amounts of manganese, calcium, iron, regulates blood sugar levels because of its sweet taste and may improve insulin sensitivity

  7. Black peppercorns - Contains antioxidants and a multitude of micronutrients! (You could never have guessed)

  8. Coconut milk - same as coconut oil but in a thicker form.

Have a look at two variants of the same tonic recipe using a different subset of ingredients:

For example here, I have used the other ingredients in order to make this tonic.

For example here, I have used the other ingredients in order to make this tonic.

Another variation of the tonic I used only the main ingredients of turmeric, honey, coconut oil and grated ginger.

Here I have only used four of the listed ingredients to make the same tonic!

Here I have only used four of the listed ingredients to make the same tonic!

Try it out and make sure to tag me on #nourishmelfoods and #nourishmel on instagram! Back then I was using my personal account @mellysparkles to showcase my recipes but since then have swapped into my business account @nourishmelhealth.

I love finding ways of natural healing before I concede to going into a clinic to get some off the shelf meds. Unless your symptoms are pretty severe and you’re unable to function on a day to day basis, chances are do give your body an opportunity to heal first! Our bodies are wonderful and they are not machines. When we take care of our bodies we have to think about the inner temples of emotions, spirit and soul too. I digress, That’s for a separate blog post. If you are wondering more about an anti-inflammatory diet, here’s a free guide on me to you personally that you can download right away or you can just a simple article on mindbodygreen to compare.


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