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Re-Intro: A look at the Founder of NourishMel

New to NourishMel? Thanks for stopping by!

Thought I’d give a small introduction to me, the founder of NourishMel every now and then because there are always new visitors to the blog.

Hi I am Melissa and I am your health coach go-to for women who either have diabetes lifestyle management issues or you’re just someone aged 30s to 40s who has been having a tough time creating and sustaining healthy habits.

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I used to live in Singapore until about three weeks ago, when I moved to Los Angeles - residing here for the moment. It was an incredible move that secured a new stage of my life - marriage and beyond.

As a kid I was always really skinny and sporty, playing outdoors and having the luxury to eat anything I wanted without gaining much weight or having side effects that will affect my physique.

That all changed when I was studying in the UK during university. It was cold and gloomy and there were lots of late night parties, alcohol binges and fast food runs. Suddenly, my body was afflicted by the amount of alcohol, the low levels of detoxification and probably all the sugar accumulation from my younger days.


Fast forward, when I moved back home to Singapore, it was a good two years of working out consistently and actually achieving a pretty good looking body.

I left my first job then and decided to travel for about six months - during which I thought about what I wanted to do the most.

Helping people become fitter and healthier.

I enrolled myself into ACE to become a certified personal trainer and on to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I trained specifically to be a health coach.

I love the work that I do and nothing gets me more psyched than guiding people towards healthier alternatives and gaining awareness of how to rebuild our lifestyle foundations - nutrition, fitness, breathing, love and awareness.

Sugar addict? Trust me , I get it.

Growing up on bubble tea everyday back in secondary school is a sure sign to show you that I loved sugar and have a sweet tooth.

Even now I do like my cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and good treats. Nevertheless, the overindulgence of sugar is getting our world incredibly inflamed and the level of diabetes afflicted people have been increasing so much over the years. This is the bitter truth and I help women to face and embrace their relationship with sugar.

It is not all sadness and limited diets though. There is sweetness in vegetables and natural fruit, there is sweetness in the relationships that you garner and maintain strongly on a daily basis. I have grown to outgrow the taste of refined sugars, chemicals and artificial sweeteners. There is sweetness in 90% dark chocolate!

I want us to rewire our tastebuds and learn to appreciate the sweetness that natural whole foods offer us again. We have lost that through the industrialisation era and our modern age. It is incredibly powerful to be able to know how to make meals for yourself and your loved ones using real ingredients and using all natural spice and herbs. I am in love with natural ways of healing and want to spread that awareness to my clients too!

In other times when I am not busy looking up recipes and scientific knowledge? I love the outdoors, trying out new sports and learning about culture. Hit me up if you’re in Los Angeles and let’s head out into nature. Otherwise, I am busy being all sparkly and experimenting lots in the kitchen.

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