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Who Da Best?

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So often we have a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed, to achieve certain dreams and to live a certain way.

Over the past two weeks I have had my fair share of pulling my hair out situations and learning to recognise my stressful state in order to do something about it.

If you’re feeling stress, chances are, you also have loads of anxiety!

If you are like me, you are probably anxious to tick things off your list and want to feel that things are moving forward even though there might be factors that are not in your control. #typeA #listlovers

The problem with too much stress

Stress is a method that our bodies developed during our primal time outdoors in order to keep us alive. Our sympathetic nervous system gets fired up and releases adrenaline. Cue: your run away from real predators and other dangers.

The era we live in right now has this stress mode on hyperdrive. We get stressed at work, stress with deadlines, stress in traffic, stress when things do not get checked off a list. I am guilty of this which means I measure day to day success with the number of ticks I achieve on my list.

That certainly is a key of productivity but does it mean that I am successful?

Thinking through this clearly, doe productivity equate to success?

If you are a woman, being anxious all the time leads to your body choosing survival mode over fertility mode. Dr Brighten explains it pretty well and she calls it the anxiety hormone. Ever wonder why you are unable to conceive? Stress could be the reason.

Working towards alleviating stress

Recognising your stress triggers is super vital toward stress management and it is one event that has become subconscious in all of us. Women especially tend to override and remain ignorant of these triggers as we strive to multitask and be superwomen in our household.

My own personal way of dealing with stress goes something like this:

  1. I am aware of my heightened heart beat and racing mind.

  2. I am aware of sudden anxiety and the desire to move fast.

  3. I take a deep breath as many times as possible.

  4. I say aloud what is stressing me immediately to my souse or into empty air if I am alone.

  5. Talking about what is stressing me out with someone else helps a lot.

  6. I then reabsorb the reasons for the stress and look for a different view of the situation.

  7. I realise most often that there are certain things about it that is out of my control and reassess my need to be stressed about it.

  8. I take more deep breaths and settle down.

This process does not always happen but it is a good one for me to practice consistently.

How do you deal with stress? If you really need a reason to understand why stress is so bad for you, read up on how your body reacts during a stress response. Choose the activities that you love to do to destress daily - workout, cooking your favourite meal or an amazing matcha latte (for me).

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