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Wild Garlic Pasta

Garlic Lover? Have you seen this wild garlic before?


I have never seen such a garlic that was wild in its green stems, leaves and bulbous roots. It took me a full week before I could gain confidence in using it in my meals! My husband though, he immediately pounced upon those stems and bulbs - chopping them and adding to his salad that already has garlic slices. Talk about being a garlic lover.

Apparently, wild garlic is found in nature and you can even see them during walks in the woods. It can be used same as garlic cloves but the absence of cooking retains its less pungent flavour. Eating raw garlic has the most amount of nutrient potency that can be delivered to your body.

Of course, wild garlic has the same antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as normal garlic cloves. Together with onions and ginger, they are the trio combination that anyone should have in their kitchen!

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic in general is known to have the following vitamins and minerals: Vitamin B6, Manganese, selenium and Vitamin C. They have been eaten for thousands of years and also claimed to help people with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The main component of garlic is Allicin, and this is what probably contributes to garlic’s fighting properties. Other things you can do with garlic include a glass of garlic water and lemon - something that is really attractive as a way to flush out toxins and purify the skin from the inside.

Wild Garlic Pasta

Wild Garlic Pasta

Concocted this amazing pasta bowl yesterday! Let’s get straight into it <3


  • 1.5 cups Organic Fusilli Pasta (I used Trader Joe’s brown rice & quinoa version)

  • 1tbsp EVOO

  • Pink Himalayan sea salt

  • Six heads of broccoli florets, cut into smaller heads

  • Half of a full stalk of green onion, chopped into small pieces

  • Three eggs

  • Half a green pepper, chopped into smaller pieces

  • 1/2 cup sliced onions

  • 1 tbsp minced garlic

  • Handful of salad greens

  • Pinches of black pepper

  • Handful of wild garlic including leaves and bulbs, chopped into fine pieces (for topping)

  • Primal Kitchen Green Goddess Avocado Oil Dressing (for topping)


  1. Boil salted water and add in the organic pasta. Cook till own liking.

  2. Heat EVOO in deep saucepan and add in onions ,minced garlic, green onion and green pepper.

  3. Saute until fragrant. Add in broccoli florets.

  4. Keep stirring for about five minutes.

  5. Add in the cooked pasta.

  6. Crack the three eggs and make sure they get cooked by stirring thoroughly with the other ingredients.

  7. Add black pepper and pink sea salt here and throughout, to your own preference.

  8. Plate by adding salad greens to the bottom of your bowl.

  9. Add in the cooked pasta and top with wild garlic and Primal Kitchen Salad Dressing.

It was so delicious I had to have two helpings for lunch yesterday and once for brunch this afternoon. Let me know if you do decide to make this!

Super simple and it is incredibly versatile in that you can opt to replace ingredients or swap in other kinds of herbs to your liking - basil, ginger, italian herbs like dill and thyme or make it more spicy with some cayenne pepper or paprika.

Plenty of ways you can do with this - and something to do with old pasta that has been sitting on your shelf for the longest time. In no circumstance am I advertising for Primal Kitchen by the way, I just happen to know the founder’s background story and know that the ingredients used in producing their marinates are all healthy.

Happy cooking and Happy weekend!

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