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My Recovery and Self Care Essentials

Some personal divulgences and an introduction to self care.

Has it only been four days since my last blog post?!

This week has been incredibly tense for me in terms of my moods swinging and hormones changing as we enter into a new month of March!

Lots of things have been coming up

  • Have I been productive enough?

  • Where is my progress at with regard to hitting certain business and marketing goals?

  • Why is there a growing sense of emptiness that creeps around during the day?

  • How do I keep myself motivated and driven to give and share all that I can?

If you’re like me and hitting all these blocks right around now, I suppose it is about time?

Going into the last month of the first quarter of the new year is always scary. We might feel like we didn’t do what we wanted to in the past two months and barely made any progress in achieving our goals.

Let’s talk a little self care.

Here’s why I took a complete day off and let myself go in terms of self care!

Physically, my body has been struggling with the amount of barre workouts and insufficient stretches. Totally my own fault I know.

Mentally, I had to ground myself again and found my thoughts and feeling surfacing very evidently. (sorry hubby)

And…. here’s my self care kit when you need a good release and relaxation in your muscles, mind and body.

Epsom bath salts, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and a self love reminder journal.

Epsom bath salts, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and a self love reminder journal.

* Writer’s note: This is my second time typing out this section because the first time my entire post got erased by something I pressed on my keyboard and it couldn’t be recovered.

Tell me about relaxation?

Benefits of Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are not the traditional table salts, its name comes from a spring in Epsom England. It contains magnesium sulfate, both minerals which helps the body in several functions including - detoxification, energy production, electrical impulses and neuromuscular connections. To be honest, I have never used epsom salt in Singapore mostly because I thought it’s only used in hot baths. You can also use it in a foot bath or as a saline laxative to relieve constipation.

My body was definitely sore from a deep tissue massage the previous day so I decided to have an awesome hot bath to myself with the salts and boy was it enjoyable!

Epsom salts help to relieve sores and aches from the muscles because of magnesium and its role in muscular contractions. Sulfate from the salts help to pull out toxins from the body via reverse osmosis through the skin membrane. We all tend to forget that our skin is actually porous and thus whatever we put onto our skin, either natural or chemical laden, can affect our internal bodies!

Magnesium helps our precursor sleep hormone to function, thus it provides relaxation and when I used to take magnesium supplements before bed, I always had better deep sleep! A lot of people have a deficiency in magnesium and do not even know it.

When I get out after my hot bath, my body is like jello and I immediately crawl into bed because I feel so relaxed and dreamy - it’s a curious sensation.

Josh at Sibo Survivor claims that epsom salts really help digestion and he includes a simple video in his blog post.

Essential Oils

Peppermint Oil - amazing for inflammation! It is the one of the most popular oils for good reason. Not only does it give you minty refreshing breath (add two drops into warm water to drink), it also helps open up the airways and release tension. Nowadays, it seems to have some effects on irritable bowel syndrome conditions.

Eucalyptus Oil - most of us would be familiar with Eucalyptus if we use muscle sprays or patches on our bodies. Eucalyptus provides a cooling sensation and is also anti-inflammatory in nature. The oil itself is extracted from the Eucalyptus tree in Australia. It provides relief to our muscles and usually should be used in conjunction with a carrier oil. I use this with extra virgin olive oil and drops of peppermint to create my own muscular ointment.

Lavender Oil - Scents in candles can also work. I usually use lavender in my diffuser which helps put me into a deeper sleep. Lavender oil has been coined the only essential oil you will ever need because it is so powerful in that it works with so many benefits - calming for the mind, treats burns and cuts, dry skin and chapped lips etc. you name it!

In terms of PCOS specificity, I have heard clary sage, geranium, cinnamon and frankincense are good ones to balance out our hormones and help with weight loss. They are definitely going up on my shopping list!



I love journalling! My self love reminder was a valentine’s day gift and one of the best presents because it really got me to pay attention to my inner thoughts and emotions.

The journal includes lists and reflection pages for you to write down goals, likes, dislikes and everything about yourself. 100 pages of self checks and I usually can use it across six months.

The daily self check on every page goes something like this

To Do

How Am I feeling Today

Meals and Exercise Plan

Sleep Duration

Things that will Make me Happy Today

Goals for Tomorrow

Self Love Reminder

I love the last bit because every day , the reminder to myself is different! It varies based on what I am facing and how strong I feel that day.

Do you have your own journal? If so, comment below! I would love to find out about better journals or ones of other varieties.

Need more self care in your life? I’ve got two worksheets and strategy sheets for you to download for free right here and here. They are both from reputable sources from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Deepak Chopra. I also believe in using the journals to manifest and set intentions for the year, whether it is for every month or day.