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How to Detox Your Home to help Weight Loss

Why do a home detox?

As I said before, detoxification is a huge part of aiding your detox organs to shuttle waste products out of the body and it can help to remove toxins from the fat cells in your abdominal area which contributes to stagnant weight. More details on the impact of toxins and its impact on belly fat here.

Detoxification is the last stage of my PCOS Weight Loss Program and for good reason. The environment can play a big role and it is only after my clients have worked on their inner nutrition and stress levels then we can focus on the bigger factors of weight gain that affects us. Dr Brighten focuses on detox, including a home detox as a way to help balance hormones, which is a great way for us to get regular periods, be in better moods and energy etc. Of course, there is also the importance of doing a detox for your skin by revamping your skincare products.

What contributes to a toxic home environment?

  • Toxic Mold

  • Air pollution from the streets

  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in plastics found at home

  • Poor air quality due to drug or tobacco use

  • Foods that have gone mouldy in the fridge or in any other storage space

  • Your flame retardant furniture

  • Carpets

  • Commercial paint

  • Construction work that is being done outside of the home in the surroundings

In fact, air borne pollutants are found to be more concentrated in indoor spaces as compared to outdoors.

A word on toxic mold

A few months ago I found some mold growing in my bathroom that was not there before. Mold can be common in water-damaged and humid areas and they can also be toxic.In addition, they can be found in our food supply especially if grains are left in storage in large amounts before being moved out for sale. Functional Diagnostic Practicioner Bridgit Danner wrote about the effects of toxic mold on our health. Mold affect our health through mycotoxins acting and altering our gut microbiome. Our microbiome is now being extensively researched because scientists are realising that the microorganisms in our gut plays a huge a role in regulating everything about our body including DNA regulation.

Thus, damage to the intestines can cause many dysfunctions down the road. Mycotoxins in mold impact the gut by eliminating the good bacteria in our gut and increasing the amount of pathogenic (bad) ones. Besides causing gut dysbiosis in this way, the mycotoxins are able to affect the intestinal lining of the gut which disrupts absorption and can contribute to the development of leaky gut. A leaky gut would entail an ineffective immune system against invaders, a possible rise in allergies, impair nutrient absorption and more.

Mycotoxins are produced by certain types of fungi and besides affecting the gut microbiome, can cause cancer and alter the hormone balance in the body too, according to Chris Kresser.

How to do a home detox?

There are some big areas to cover with home detox but I am going to talk about 4 main ones.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be really helpful and have many benefits due to their potency and intensity. Make sure to choose the right brand of oils based on quality and start using them in a myriad of ways:

  • Diffusing them through the home to air out your rooms

  • Diluting with carrier oils such as olive, coconut, jojoba, argan or sweet almond oil to make an ointment for mosquito bites, scars, aches

  • Placing up to 7 drops of peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus oil into a hot bath with epsom salts to get the maximum relaxation for your muscles and mind as part of your self-care toolkit

Dr Mariza is a great resource to learn how to use essential oils in more ways than you can imagine.

indoor plants

I love having indoor plants at home! Not only do they spice up your home in terms of decorative purposes but most of them absorbs many toxins from the air and give out oxygen, especially at night. The following plants are great to have in the house and are easy to take care of:

Peace Lily

Snake (Sansevieria) Plant

ZZ Plant

English Ivy

Spider Plant

Money Tree

Aloe Vera

No shelf or floor space for plants? An alternative way would be to have indoor hanging ones and the English Ivy and Spider Plant are great options.

green household cleaners

Just like revamping skincare products, I have started to revamp the various household cleaners in my house too. Aside from throwing the chemical-laden ones out, I got brand new ones from Grove Collaborative. In addition, I bought white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in order to start making my own non-toxic cleaners. To combat the mold in my bathroom, combining tea tree oil with water as a spray worked pretty well. Over time, I am probably venturing into making my own makeup- courtesy of simple recipes and instructions from Wellness Mama.

want some bonuses & discounts for your home detox?

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