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I hold a variety of workshops and talks about different aspects of health over time. Feel free and open to attend any one of them if it calls out to you (:

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In the Right Mind: Eating with a Healthy Mindset
6:30 PM18:30

In the Right Mind: Eating with a Healthy Mindset

Gaining a new perspective and view toward healthy eating and food is the biggest goal of 2019! As the wave of health washes over all of us and when we are consumed by the numerous diets and trending superfoods, the best way to approach this is through a healthy and honest view about foods and us. What is your relationship with food? What is considered healthy and what is not?

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Release.Recharge! Detox Workshop
10:30 AM10:30

Release.Recharge! Detox Workshop

RELEASE: We walk through life carrying burdens and baggages that we do not really need. Learn the art of letting go of what does not serve you through a 60 minute yin-yang flow with Marilyn. Essential oils will be incorporated into this class.

RECHARGE: You are what you eat. Get hands-on in preparing your own post-workout salad bowl in an informative session with nutrition health coach Melissa.

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