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hOW To make your own kombucha

If you are spending a lot of money on buying a bottle of kombucha every week, you are not the only one.

Making your own kombucha is fun and very cost-effective. One jar of fermentation provides you enough kombucha to last a good week and the best part of it - it is free!

Find out all you need to make your own kombucha in this homemade guide - I give you all the tips and shortcuts you need to use in order to ferment your own tea at home. All without spending a dime.

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Beginner to the kitchen?

No problem.

From the comforts of my kitchen, I created quick and easy recipes with ten ingredients or less to help beginners like you get a head-start in cooking without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. What is included?

  • Ingredient List

  • Recipe Step by Step Instructions

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My breakfast bowl recipes are all about nourishing your starts at the beginning of the day.

I love experimenting with oatmeal, millet, buckwheat and yogurt as bases.

This guide gives you five easy personal recipes that will make you more creative when it comes to making breakfasts.

The best thing is that they take less than 15 minutes to make and assemble- I promise.

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3 Best steps to better gut health

Gut health and microbiome talk is huge right now and for good reason.

Scientists have come to realise that our gut is basically our ‘second brain’ and many of our biological processes including mood swings, digestion, emotion processing and mental health can be linked to the types of bacteria that are in our intestines.

What better way to improve your health than by taking the steps to improve the biodiversity and quality of good bacteria in your gut? This overall leads to better well being.

3 Unexpected Foods for PCOS Weight Loss.jpg


Weight loss getting you down?

I get it.

You feel like you need to work twice as hard at exercising and limiting your portion sizes etc. in order to maintain your weight and manage how you feel.

These foods can be paramount and help you greatly in your weight loss journey. Living with PCOS can be tough but it is also manageable.