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When women are able to take charge of their health, they are in a stronger position to help their loved ones and others. They would be able to live a more purposeful life.


how i can help you

Did you just get back from the doctor’s only to find out that you have been pre-diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure? Perhaps, you just found out you have physical symptoms that have manifested into early onset of arthritis.

My goal is to work with you in order to change and clear that pre-diagnosis status. Life is better living when we do not need to depend on medications to get through the days.

My clients are women aged 30 to 40 who have decided that it is time to cleanse their bodies, change habits and create a lifestyle that is sustainable. I support them to do so in a safe, private and comfortable environment through our sessions together.

If you wish to start creating your optimal health and not be bound by prescription drugs, it is time to learn what is like to live fully nourished!


Creating Nourishing Breakfast Bowls is one of my true loves in my own diet. I wake up to a brand new day and I design a bowl that relates to my mood and fills me with the right macro and micronutrients to get going.

In addition, I put emphasis heavily on creating meals in our very own kitchen. Meal planning should be a priority if you are looking into eating healthy long term. I have been bringing my lunches to work for more than a year and would love to share neat tips and tricks on how to do it efficiently and at a budget. Ready to learn more? 



my vision

NOURISHMEL believes that all of us women are in control of our own health and it is our sole responsibility to live with purpose.