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Hi there! I am Melissa Lee and I help women with pcos learn how to live vibrantly.

I have PCOS myself and have since reversed the effects of my syndrome, resulting in a vibrant and sustainable healthy lifestyle. I can help you to do this too.

First things first.

What is PCOS?

PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome and it is usually diagnosed as this condition if you fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Irregular periods

  2. Higher levels of androgens (male sex hormones such as testosterone)

You might have other symptoms such as excessive body hair, acne, mood swings, painful periods, prolonged periods, absence of periods for a long time, high sugar cravings etc. Up to 70% of women with PCOS remains undiagnosed and PCOS is the leading cause of anovulatory infertility.

These symptoms will eventually seem normal to you.

They are not normal.

I have PCOS myself and through my years of suffering the side effects of being on the pill, I have grabbed the natural tools needed to manage my condition effectively.

My goal is to work with you to alter your nutrition, stress levels and reduce toxin exposure in your home environment and skincare products in order to shift your hormones into a balance and improve symptoms without ever needing to go on the pill.


" I initially hired Melissa as my health coach as I felt I needed help with improving my diet. However, over the 6 months course, Melissa has done a lot more than help me with my diet. She worked with me to examine the various aspects of my life, and has been a super encouraging friend and mentor who walked with me as I made the decision to leave a comfortable corporate job to pursue my passion for teaching yoga. Her caring, non-judgmental and super attentive presence at every session makes it something I look forward to every fortnight. I would recommend her to anyone who may need someone to push you to be a better version of yourself! "- Marilyn Loo

“I met Melissa in Singapore, when I was starting my journey to get into shape for my wedding. My lifestyle was a mess - drinking too much and eating lots of sugary and fatty foods. As a result, I was overweight and very unfit. Under Melissa’s guidance, I started exercising more, eating well balanced meals and cut back on my alcohol intake. I started to see my body change and by the time I returned to the UK (6 months before my wedding), I was exercising regularly and eating so much better - thanks to Melissa for setting me on the right path. In the end, I lost 2.5 stone (almost 16kgs) in total and felt fantastic on my wedding day. I would recommend working with Melissa to anyone - she is positive, proactive and has extensive knowledge about health and wellbeing.” - Faye Cunningham

“Melissa has helped and supported me in my health journey quite holistically. When she was my personal trainer, I got so much more out of it! In addition to improving my flexibility, strength and form, Melissa was always able to offer advice on stress relief, allergy management and give healthy recipes ideas. I do hope we can work together in the future. Meanwhile I am happy that she is sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge through NourishMel for people like myself to benefit from!” - Hayley Bakker

“Despite her young age, Melissa is knowledgable in the area of nutrition. She is able to offer advice on trending diets, health tips and gave me a balanced workout routine. She is approachable, candid, authentic and friendly as my coach. “ - Iris Lew

“Upon our initial meeting at the gym, we hit it off instantly and I agreed to do a personal training trial with her - the rest is history! Melissa was not just my coach but a friend whom I can trust. I always looked forward going to the gym, knowing there was a familiar face I know will look out for me. She started me on my health journey and I have never looked back!” - Lynn Koo