NourishMel Weight Loss Coaching
Create Your Optimal Health, By Yourself

Who do I work with


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I work with women who...

have PCOS and want to lose stubborn weight

  • Enhance your diet by eliminating processed unwanted ingredients in packaged foods and incorporating more vegetables and complex grains

  • Explore together the natural herbs and spices that would be suitable for balancing your unique hormones

  • Monitor your stress triggers and find ways to manage your stress response individually

  • Detoxify your home and revamp your entire kitchen and skincare in order to treat your body and skin better

  • Understand the effects of the pill on your hormones and entire cycle

I also work witH WOMEN WHO…

wants to decrease inflammation & enhance detoxification

  • Changing diet to incorporate liver friendly foods to better support detox organs

  • Start a regular exercise routine

  • Explore stress relieving techniques based on your personal stress triggers

  • Creating and cultivating sleep hygiene