NourishMel Weight Loss Coaching
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NOURISH your body (6 months)

The six month nourishment program is the original standard program created as an individualised approach to achieving the health goals of my client. We work together over the course of six months to firstly address physical symptoms and needs usually in the nutrition and fitness pillars and start the cultivation of sustainable habits.

What is included

  • Addressing the root cause of your PCOS or inflammation issues

  • Work on eliminating processed foods and incorporating more vegetables and berries into your diet in order to increase detoxification in the liver

  • Gain knowledge about the impact of food on our hormone levels and how this affects our circadian rhythm

  • Learn the natural ways to reduce inflammation by developing your own stress management strategies


nourish deeper (6 MONTHS)

Already gone through the Nourish Your Body Program? Clients that have fully established a good foundation of healthy lifestyle habits may choose this program as we dive deeper into the realms of holistic health.

Sessions are based on other aspects of health. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Self Care

  • Relationship with Food - emotional eating and cravings

  • Struggles with Career

  • Vulnerability

Support is constantly given as my clients are encouraged to explore more on their own in order to heal from the inside out or attain specific goals.



This program is great for clients who have a sole purpose of fixing a specific problem - i.e. weight loss. Clients that tend to do so focus solely on up to only two major areas of health, for example sleep and diet or nutrition and fitness. The reason is because habits take a while to develop and this program is catered to clients who have more superficial goals without any underlying causes of health concerns. i.e. no chronic disease or major physical health symptoms that needs to be addressed.