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A really short and quick episode about what NourishMel is all about! Heck, it’s probably not even a real full episode.

To health and happiness!

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We start off this episode discussing the importance of detoxification and its link to stubborn weight loss. Many of us do not know fully all the factors that could affect the accumulation of fats in our cells and this episode will give you some eye opening information!

If you ever wondered why the liver is considered an important detox organ and what exactly is detoxification and where it happens in your body, you might want to check this out. This episode is also an audio recording of the corresponding blog post ‘ What you do not know about Weight Loss’.

Find your secret sauce to weight loss in this episode.

episode 3

In reference to my seed cycling blog post!

Seed cycling is being used by woman to get back their period regularity and also comes with numerous benefits including receiving more selenium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids into the body. Learn all about the basics of seed cycling, why we are doing it and how you can do it too. Check out the full episode here.

On the pill but want to get off it without suffering the rebound consequences?

The pill has been around since the 1960s when it was approved by the US FDA. Since then, women have been going on it for the number one reason for not wanting to get pregnant. This episode is in reference to my blog post and covers why the pill strips you from key nutrients, create hormone imbalance, reduces fertility chances in the future and what you can do to reset your body after being on it for a while.

Find out more about the pill!

episode 4


Jump into this episode where I speak with Angelica, a woman who struggles with PCOS and the possibility of infertility. She shares her real experience of finding a naturopath, period struggles and more. This is a really personal sharing session and would be great for you if you too resonate and have similar problems of trying to get pregnant with PCOS.

Find out more about Angelica’s story here.



REAL LIFE STORY: “What if this is the hardest thing that you have to go through?" with Jamie Berman

This episode is a conversation between two PCOS coaches and the experiences that we had individually and with our clients. Find out what the biggest misconception is when it comes to health in general and why so many women are failing at achieving weight loss. If you are someone who is constantly still on the band wagon of exercising a lot and trying to eat as healthily as possible without seeing results, this episode is for you. Listen to our conversation here.