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I work with women who...

wants to exercise regularly

  • Want to cultivate an exercise routine but not sure where to start?

  • Looking to reduce your weight in order to solve your thyroid or hormonal imbalance?

are keen to explore food that makes them stronger

  • Looking for weight loss?

  • Have uncontrollable cravings?

  • Feeling bloated all the time?

WANTS TO Live intuitively

  • Would you like to be more aware of what your body really needs?

  • Want to be rid of guilt that comes with indulging on your favourite food?

WHAT DO YOU GET AS A nourishmel Client?

Personalized coaching

  • Appointments monthly that are conducted either in person or via video/phone call

  • Continuous support and guidance through exploration of diets

  • Access to an electronic platform whereby we communicate through shared documents and have easy access to food and lifestyle journaling

  • Weekly protocols sent directly to you based on what we go through during our sessions


  • Ebooks that can help you with meal planning

  • Suggested Meal Plans including recipes and shopping list


  • An invitation for guests to attend special events relating to health and wellness such as retreats and workshops

  • An opportunity to do food intolerance testing to find out about any gut inflammation you might be having

  • Personalised snacks (MellyPuffs) homemade by yours truly catered to those with specific food intolerances

  • Pantry Makeovers

  • House Call Cooking Lessons




As a health coach, I understand that everyone has different needs when they first start out to achieve their health and lifestyle goals. For simplicity, my programs are divided into three main categories, starting with the Nourishment Program followed by the Maintenance Program. The Jumpstart program is a quick preview that lasts for a shorter period of time and gives my clients a rough idea of what health coaching is like.

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The six month nourishment program is the original standard program created as an individualised approach to achieving the health goals of my client. We work together over the course of six months to firstly address physical symptoms and needs usually in the nutrition and fitness pillars and start the cultivation of sustainable habits.

BENEFITS OF the nourishment program

  • Getting off your prescribed medications and not having to be on drugs for the rest of your life

  • Establishing a habit of exercising on a consistent basis through the right physical activity

  • Knowing which foods benefit you more than others and which to avoid completely through food intolerance testing and elimination/experimenting with different food groups

  • Gain knowledge about the impact of food on our health and spirit

  • LIVING INTUITIVELY i.e. Gain awareness of your body’s physical symptoms, emotions and thought processes



Already gone through the Nourishment Program? Clients that have fully established a good foundation of healthy lifestyle habits may choose this program as we dive deeper into the realms of holistic health. Sessions are based on other aspects of health including and not limited to spirituality, self-care issues, relationships, finances etc. Support is constantly given as my clients are encouraged to explore more on their own in order to heal from the inside out or attain specific goals.



Not sure if health coaching is right for you? Once we go through our strategy session together, you might feel the need to do a quick three month support program instead of the full six months. Clients that tend to do so focus solely on up to only two major areas of health, for example sleep and diet or nutrition and fitness. The reason is because habits take a while to develop and this program is catered to clients who have more superficial goals without any underlying causes of health concerns. i.e. no chronic disease or major physical health symptoms that needs to be addressed.



" I initially hired Melissa as my health coach as I felt I needed help with improving my diet. However, over the 6 months course, Melissa has done a lot more than help me with my diet. She worked with me to examine the various aspects of my life, and has been a super encouraging friend and mentor who walked with me as I made the decision to leave a comfortable corporate job to pursue my passion for teaching yoga.

In all our sessions, Melissa notes and celebrates every single tiny achievement, and encourages you in areas where you may need more improvement.

Her caring, non-judgmental and super attentive presence at every session makes it something I look forward to every fortnight. I would recommend her to anyone who may need someone to push you to be a better version of yourself! "- Marilyn Loo